“Conflict is the father of creation.”
– HERACLITUS (C. 535-475 BC)

For 20+ years in Germany, I worked as US-educated, senior corporate counsel in Siemens AG’s Legal & Compliance Department with civil- and common-law colleagues and outside counsel. I managed and mitigated dispute resolution risks for business partners in cross-border transactions and disputes by: answering practical business questions clearly; predicting the likely consequences and costs of decisions; and advocating legal strategies beyond the mere pursuit of adamantly aggressive or defensive litigation at any cost.

Why engage PhilRay-IDR? Responsible business partners and their attorneys are helped to reach commercially acceptable solutions through my bilingual, intercultural and cross-border Expertise & Experience as corporate user. With high performance and high integrity, I “think different” when exploring dispute resolution options and providing PhilRay-IDR Services. My primary focus is on disputes involving at least 1 German-language-based party.